Jul 4, 2016

10 things probably you never imagined

10 things surely you never imagined

Curious! On our planet we find plenty of interesting facts, some are surprising, others only satisfy our curiosity. The next 10 Fun Facts you'll read will surprise you. And you can even surprise your friends and start conversations.Here we go1. Who has had no wait in front of a red light? What you are perhaps did not know that on average a person spends 6 months of their lives sitting waiting for a red light. You know, what you do with those six months of your life?
2. Fear of being constipated is apopathodiapgulatophobia. Next time you will not remember telling someone apopathodiapgulatophobia. hope you can!
3. The strength of the ant. Did you know that an ant can carry up to 60 times its own weight? You don't trust me? look at this photo published by National Geographic.4. It is said that 45% of Americans do not know that the Sun is a star. Just imagine! Can you believe it? It doesn't look like a star.5. Did you know that the worst time for coffee is in the early morning hours?
6. We have already talk about the origin of the word ketchup. Did you know that around 1830, the ketchup was sold as a remedy? How crazy!7. Vodka. Did you know that 10% of the Russian government budget comes from the sale of Vodka? wowww !8. We can not forget animals in thus list. Let's talk for example elephants. Did you know that it is the only mammals with four knees?
9. In Maryland, a law prohibiting mistreat oysters. loll10. One more curiosity . Eating an apple is more effective than coffee to wake up. Let's eat apple!

Tell us, what of this curious fact is the most unusual?