Nov 23, 2017

10 Pokemon that exist in real life

For more than 20 years we have known the world of Pokemon and now with the appearance of "Pokemon Go", it is impossible that these creatures do not attract your attention. But what if we told you that they exist in real life?
Pokemon are classified into several types and so, we find that several of them were based on real animals. Here some incredible insects that went down in history as mysterious Pokemon:

1. Devil's Flower Mantis - Scizor

As you can see the evolution of Scyther, Scizor has its double in real life only with a slightly more greenish color. For the rest it is clear that the Devil's Flower Mantis looks quite dangerous when it enters combat, like Scizor.

2. Giraffe Weevil - Heracross

In this case you can see that the big Pokemon of Bicho-Lucha type exists in real life but it does not seem as impressive as that of the series of drawings, evidently Heracross is very big in comparison with the Giraffe Weevil.

3. Cerura vinula - Caterpie

This may be of the Pokemon clearer and similar to some animal in the real world. Like a Caterpie, it is a larva that waits in its cocoon to later become a great butterfly.

4. Brazilian Treehopper - Wormadam

The colors and shape is very similar and it is quite clear that they were inspired by him to create this Pokemon. Now you know where this Pokemon comes from, because I'm sure they did not know before what animal it could look like.

5. Giant Weta - Pinsir

Although the Pokémon seems to be quite dangerous and harmful, it is not so much in real life. Possibly because of its much smaller size and it does not have those impressive horns-pincers capable of cutting anything.

6. Spiny grasshopper - Metapod

Believe it or not, many people think that to get inspired by Metapod, they focused on this type of grasshopper. If you look closely, the face of the grasshopper is very similar to that of Pokemon, so it does not seem so farfetched that it is so.

7. Translucent tadpoles - Poliwag

This little adorable water type Pokemon is also based on a real animal. And is that its great resemblance to the translucent tadpoles with that spiral makes us think that they got the idea of this living being. How well thought these people of Pokemon have it.

8. Calcarifera ordinata - Illumise

We have to recognize that in this case, apart from being inspired by this insect, they wanted to give it a big enough turn by adding these insect features to the Pokemon with a clear feminine figure.

9. Extatosoma tiaratum - Shedinja

This Pokemon looks a lot like this insect, almost all traits are the same. As usual, they had to change certain things to make it more colorful and adapted to the series and its aesthetics.

10. Polyura Sempronius - Scyther

This is one of the Pokemon that can be most afraid of its incredible blades capable of cutting almost anything. Obviously, since the series is dedicated to a children's audience, it could not represent how it cut other Pokemon with those blades.