Nov 26, 2017

10 webpages waste time if you are bored

If you are bored and don't have nothing to do , maybe you should visit those 10 pages where you can kill time and learn more

Discover 10 website to kill time when you are bored

10- Animal Heartbeats
This amazing page shows you the beat heart of human (72 bpm) and some animals  like elephant (30 bpm) and a rabbit (205 bpm) .. amazing no? the bigger the animal is the slower its heart beats.

9- Bill Gates
Bill Gates is the richest person on earth we all know that already but what if you had the possibility to spend his  $90,000,000,000  .... how much money will be left  after all your purchases?

8- Wake it up
Its based on a webpage sleeping and you have to do anything to wake it up, Warning: its a heavy sleeper and its hard to wake it up so you will have to work hard to do it... Enjoy playing .

7- Map to Globe
Its a good page to pass the time exploring the world and not only that but also create your own world by submitting images or sketching ... it will help you wake up your creativity .

6- 3D Face
On this page you have the opportunity to convert image from 2 dimension to 3 dimension, you can do it using the images you will find on the website and the best part is that you can submit your own images and the result will be awesome hahaha ... try it out 

Learning to play musical instruments is not easy , its require times and money but here you can use your mouse and your keyboard to learn and practice freely, its very educative site... try it out

4- Auto Draw
This webpage is owned by Google and its one of my favorite because its let you draw practically ANYTHING with less effort than usual, anything you draw will be transformed in a beautiful unbelievable drawing 

3- Big Tower Tiny Square 
this is an amazing page game of labyrinth style  where you are a tiny square and you have to rescue a pineapple stolen by a big square.. its a very addictive game for who like challenges  since far you arrive more difficult become the game.

2- Dotowheel
is a very good page game where you play with the dots move than and try to get more spaces as possible by matching 3 dots of the same number, you should be smart to reach the more rank as possible .

1- Jaraxxus
This one of the coolest one where you have to move your mouse and find Jaraxxus , who is hiding you have to turn your sounds on as you have to hear the voice to find him .