Nov 28, 2017

Things you should not do in other countries. Be carefull!!!

8.- Use the left hand in India

Did you know that in India the left hand is considered dirty? This is because they use their left hand to go to the bathroom, so make sure you always use your right hand to eat, to pass objects or to do any other activity.

7.- Finish all your dish in China

If you ever find yourself in China and are served eating, make sure you do not eat all the food on the plate, since that represents a lack of respect for the host, as he will feel that it did not serve you enough and that clearly you were hungry In addition, it is also recommended to burp after eating, as a form of compliment for the chef.

6.- Giving flowers in even number in Russia

A basic rule that Russia has is that you should never give flowers in even number. Flowers that contain an even number are used for a funeral or if someone is fighting a duel. The ideal is to give 5, 7, 9 or more flowers but always in odd number. The amount will depend on how much you want to please the person.

5.- Leaving tips in Japan

Although in a country leaving 20% ​​tip is seen as a wonder, in Japan this is something you should never do. It is likely that the service in restaurants and hotels seems excellent but you never think of leaving tips, since for the Japanese people this is seen as a humiliation.

4.- Nazi greeting in Germany

Are you planning a trip to Germany? So it is important that you never use the Nazi salute, since not only could you be sent back to your country, but you could also be arrested. In the same way you should know that observing people while walking down the street or putting their hands to their pockets while eating is considered crazy and uneducated, so avoid doing it.

3.- Take food with your hands in Chile

Manners in Chile matter more than in all of South America. So never think about taking food by accident with your hands, you should always do it with the cutlery and of course, suck your fingers? Do not even think about it…

2.- Talk about sex in Kenya

Although it sounds strange in this country it is forbidden to talk about sex even with your friends, because it is considered a taboo subject and doing so could cause you to be expelled from any group. Neither your best friend will want to talk to you again

1. Chewing gum in Singapore

Singapore is the country that gives more fines and although you do not believe many of these are for things that we do every day ... like chewing gum for example ... It is also prohibited to feed the birds, spit, throw garbage in the street and eat in the public transport. Incurring a fault could cost you up to a thousand dollars and a few nights in prison.