Jan 24, 2018

Discover the secret of the triangle of Bermuda (Devil's Triangle)

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as "The Devil's Triangle", is one of the most mysterious and chilling legends of the ocean, and for decades it has excited the imagination of researchers and scientists who have tried to reveal what this strange area hides.

Although you might think it is a very old legend, in fact this legendary triangle did not really become famous until the 1950s, when the reporter Edward Van Winkle Jones wrote about mysterious disappearances of American planes and ships in the 1940s, which marked on a map in which for the first time the triangular shape of this anomaly was defined.

According to the Jones report, a total of 135 people disappeared between 1945 and 1949, and all the incidents were similar in the fact that no remains of the vehicles or passengers were found and that there were no requests for help, almost as if they had ceased to exist from one moment to another.

The subject was so interesting that it was not long before other similar investigations emerged, in which the facts and the numbers of victims were sometimes exaggerated to feed and benefit from the thirst for enigmas that the public had, and for the In the seventies, history had taken on a life of its own amid the mixture of facts, blatant lies and fiction that circulated in all media.

At that time, investigator Larry Kusche published a forceful report in which he exposed the suspect origin and evolution of that legend, presenting numbers, official documents and press records that showed that many of the incidents never happened and that the perpetrators were lying and copying each other.

Some of the missing boats and passengers, for example, were eventually found but the mystery vendors did not tell that part of the story, or did not take into account that sometimes it was not possible to properly investigate the subsidence and one of the most revealing was that weather reports usually did not agree with the dates when some of the most catastrophic events had supposedly occurred.

In spite of that, the public continued to accept this phenomenon as if it were a fact, and like all legends, that of the Bermuda Triangle probably had its origin in real events that could be explained by science, even if in the end they were not as interesting as the stories born from there.

The truth is that the route is dangerous and hides natural threats such as a stormy weather and strong marine currents that could be responsible for the disappearance of the wrecks; but without a doubt the worst of all are the huge deposits of methane gas that are hidden in the bottom.

According to the most accepted theory, the mysterious sinkings have been caused by eruptions of this gas, which can be released without warning and rise to the surface at high speed, causing the boats to lose their balance and the planes can not sustain their flight in the rarefied air.

Despite this, it has not been found that the percentage of incidents is greater than in other areas with similar characteristics, besides that it is one of the busiest routes on the continent and that is why it is normal for pilots and captains to have the bad luck to be in the place and moment in which a natural disaster happens.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a lot of the traffic that crosses the triangle are boats for pleasure and vacations, which are often too small and are driven by people who do not have the necessary experience, or who make mistakes that are unforgivable. such a changing and dangerous part of the ocean.

In other words: Everything is reduced to numbers since the eyes of the world are placed on this triangle in the sea waiting for any sign of a new enigma, so that any incident receives much more attention than those that occur in places that do not have that fame.

After so many scientific explanations, supernatural and of all kinds, in the end it turns out that all this legend has its origin in the vagaries of nature and in the ancient human need to know and tell stories about mysteries and inexplicable facts.

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