Jan 19, 2018

12 Famous that have a twin

12.-Emma Watson

Sensual, charismatic and with a dreamy face, the talented Emma Watson, has become one of the most popular actresses of her generation and believe it or not, she has a beautiful double. Apparently God listened to his fans and gave them to an elegant and beautiful British girl named Megan Flockhart, who has conquered social networks with her characterizations of Hermione and her elegant looks.

11.-Katy Perry

The most sensual blue-eyed Californian in the world has captivated us a thousand times with her creative and revealing outfits, and to the surprise of many, this young woman has a double that will surely make them sigh. Calm do not need glasses, it is Francesca Brown, a presenter, actress and imitator who undoubtedly bears a strong resemblance to Katy.
10.-Scarlett Johansson

Fans of the beautiful and sexy 33-year-old actress were surprised to see this anonymous girl on the internet who looks almost as beautiful as the incomparable iScarlett! Her name is Geraldine Dodd, a 72-year-old woman who during her younger years was the image of the "Black Widow", and as expected, the charming star invited her double to have a drink. Thanks to this beautiful woman, we now know what Scarlett will be like in a few decades.
9.-Leonardo DiCaprio

The legendary Jack Dawson of the movie Titanic has come back to life and no, it is not a new version of the film, but Konrad Annerud, a handsome model who has gained fame on Instagram for being the image of the Oscar winner in his younger years. Simply amazing.

8.-Taylor Swift

Undoubtedly one of the most acclaimed and listened to singers in the United States, but what would happen if we tell you that she is not unique phisically? As you heard it, this beautiful blonde has a cute and mysterious Australian twin. Her name is Olivia Sturgiss and yes, the beautiful model had the fortune to pose in front of the cameras with Taylor.

7.-Robert Downey Jr.

Yes, the double of the great Iron Man exists, and best of all: he is Mexican. Surely Robert Downey Junior himself would be surprised to see Braulio Ledezma, his lost twin brother. Originally from Veracruz and with all the attitude of this gallant of "The Avengers", Braulio is also a great singer and a figure in social networks. Who would have imagined it?


Everyone has been captivated by the sensual movement of hips of Shakira, but what surprised the Internet the most has been the great resemblance of the Chilean Noelia Quiroz with the beautiful Colombian. There is no doubt that both are beautiful, but even so I think we are all left with our pampered petite.

Surely the fans of this beautiful singer went crazy knowing the existence of Andele Lara, her beautiful and attractive double of Instagram, who everyone confused with the real Rihanna in the streets. Apparently this pretty girl has no problem with posing for the cameras as a celebrity. And of course, how could this happen if they are like two drops of water!

4.-Ariana Grande

Her face, her enviable figure and of course, her unmistakable voice has amazed us on thousands of occasions, but just in case you didn't know, our beloved Ariana Grande has a double almost as beautiful as her, and her name is Jacky Vasquez. This pretty girl has 234 thousand followers on Instagram and has surprised everyone with her looks and captivating smile that undoubtedly reminds us of the beautiful Ariana.
3.-Jennifer Lopez

If you thought that God could not make another angel as beautiful as Jennifer Lopez, you were very wrong, because Jessica Burciaga has come to prove otherwise. Undoubtedly, this beautiful Instagram model does not ask anything from the curvy Diva of the Bronx, because she has a figure of envy and attributes that drive her 1.7 million followers crazy.


Undoubtedly the most acclaimed reggaeton singer of the moment is this young Colombian, as well as being a talented, he is quite a gallant. And well, that is not surprising for anyone, but what few people know  that his double is incredibly a girl, yes! Yes you read well, she is Yanjana Gutiérrez, a young tattoo artist of 21 years, who has her own fan page.

1.-Selena Gomez

Beautiful, talented and with great smile, Selena Gomez has conquered social networks with her beauty. Although surprisingly there is another woman who makes a strong competition: Sofia Solares, the Mexican known as his unofficial double and possibly his lost sister ... They are equal!

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