Jan 3, 2018

The Most useful apps for your Phone 2018


The dream of every student has become reality, since there is an application that will solve all your doubts in the complicated operations of algebra. You simply scan the operation to solve and the application will do the rest showing the result step by step, in addition, you can use the smart calculator option to solve your tasks without any error.


Editing videos has become part of our day to day, and now you can do it from your phone with this simple application. Vue, offers several tools to cut video clips, add sound effects, background music and various image filters, creating beautiful stories in minutes without having to learn to use a professional program.


A photoshop style editor but much easier and within reach of your phone. With this application you can cut an image and place it in a different background, add some filters and upload them to your social networks in a matter of minutes like a professional.


If you like games that leave you something extremely useful do not hesitate to get Skillz, a free application that helps your brain by exercising areas that are not used so often, improving reflections, memory, stimulating the ability to associate and increasing the precision. Without a doubt, these games will keep you entertained and turn you into a genius.

Clap to find

If you are one of those who never find the phone in the morning, we present the application "Clap to find" that we can translate as "applaud and find", because with the power of a simple applause, your cell phone will start to ring or vibrate until des with its location. If you listened well, you will not have to ask a friend to mark you to know his whereabouts.


With this great application, you can solve all your doubts with any subject and do the task as an expert, because they have information with subjects from history to chemistry and philosophy. It is enough to scan the question or doubt and the intelligent search engine will support you with graphics, videos and simple explanations in a matter of seconds. How are you?


This completely free application will help you learn in a simple and fun way several languages ​​such as English, French, Italian, German or Portuguese. It's time to put your knowledge into practice while you play and have fun.

Applock Lock

Protecting your privacy will be easier with AppLock, since when you install it, you have the opportunity to control access to your applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or even your personal files by means of a key, pattern or fingerprint, preventing any Curious that manages to unlock your cell phone intrudes on your affairs.

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