Jan 9, 2018

Things that your body does when you are sleeping

7.- Sleep Paralysis

Surely it has happened to you that you wake up in the middle of the night and even though you try you can not move, but not only are you immobile, you also start to live strange sensations that someone else is accompanying you and even above you. For many years this was related to the appearance of evil beings, spirits, ghosts and even demonic possessions, however, what really happens when you live this situation, is that your brain wakes up alone but and no access or control of your muscles for a small period of time, which is completely normal, especially if you are very tired. You can sleep peacefully, as you can see, it has nothing to do with demonic presences.

6.- You eats spiders

Although for many it may seem illogical, many claim that the human being eats between 8 and 10 spiders a year while sleeping, but apparently this is not only part of a myth, because in 1993 a journalist wrote an article in which said information .

Although you could never find your whereabouts to discover that this is real or a simple lie, to date many sleep with the fear that a spider enters his mouth but stops suffering, because for your peace of mind, many researchers have revealed that eating spiders while you sleep is practically impossible, because the legs of these insects are so sensitive that when they come in contact with any vibration they flee, because it is a way to get away from their predators. As you hear it, while they cause you terror, to them our breath and breath make them run away.

5.- Hallucinations

Do this happen to you that you are about to fall asleep you start to see strange faces, figures that move or even silhouettes? Do not be scared, it is just hallucinations and it is something completely normal when your brain is very stressed, you have a great imagination or, when you you are drunk.

4.- Speak

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, about 5% of people talk while they sleep. This happens only 30 seconds on average and almost always occurs in the first two hours of sleep, when your body is about to enter the deepest stage of relaxation. Although you do not believe it, while you are asleep, your body continues to have muscular movements that produce some sounds and movements.

3.- Walking

When you sleep it is very difficult for something to happen to you, but this does not apply to those who walk asleep, because without realizing it, sleepwalkers can leave their house or suffer terrible accidents while experiencing this state.

According to a specialist in the field, this phenomenon occurs because your muscles and joints are awake, but your brain is still asleep. And yes, it is completely normal to wake up remember nothing.

2.- You feel that you fall into the void

Most of the time this happens when you are about to fall asleep, but beware, you can start to dream from before your body is completely turned off, feeling the strange sensation that you fall into the void.

Dr. Christopher Winter M.D. This ensures that this occurs more frequently when you suffer from a great fatigue, you have not slept or you have a very high level of stress. "What's happening is that your brain falls asleep suddenly, but your body has not noticed." The doctor pointed out.

1.- Find solutions

Has it ever happened to you that you have a problem that has kept you worried for a long time and suddenly wake up one day and you already have the solution?

This was precisely what happened to Dmitri Mendelev, a famous Russian chemist who spent many years obsessed with the idea of ​​creating the periodic table of chemical elements, until in a dream he could finally visualize it and carried it out.

Sometimes our unconscious already knows what is the answer to that problem that afflicts us, but it does not manage to be recognized by the conscious, so when sleeping the unconscious is activated and that moment of enlightenment arrives.

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